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How To Get Consistent Characters In Midjourney

In this video Lucas shows how to produce a consistent look across multiple characters within the Midjourney Image Generation tool.

Images From The Video

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Midjourney Prompts From Video

Brad Pitt as a fantasy warrior

a perfect mix of Brad Pitt and Chris Pratt as a fantasy warrior

a fantasy warrior who is the perfect mix of Brad Pitt and Christ Pratt

a digital painting of a space warrior who is the perfect mix of Michael Shannon and Willem Defoe, in space, --ar 16:9


2 comments on “How To Get Consistent Characters In Midjourney”

  1. I just wanted to say I love what you're doing. Great way to get the gospel out. Gives me great ideas on how to create childrens stories with Mid-Journey for believers and unbelievers.

    I'm just a little confused on how to connect it all so that my images are not seen by the public? When you get the paid version, is it private?

    By the way, you should put an affiliate link to these AI Softwares in your video descriptions.

    God bless!


    1. Great question. So the basic paid version is public by nature. However, they have a higher tier that you can subscribe to that allows for private. You can't choose private in the basic plan.

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