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Philip And The Ethiopian | Free Grace Bible Study

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Bible Passages: Acts 8:25-40, Isaiah 53

Description: This passage from Acts 8 tells the story of Philip's divine appointment with an Ethiopian eunuch, a high official under Queen Candace of Ethiopia. This encounter takes place on the desert road from Jerusalem to Gaza. The Ethiopian, returning from worship in Jerusalem and reading Isaiah 53, is seeking understanding of the Scripture. Philip, guided by the Holy Spirit, joins him and explains that the passage speaks prophetically of Jesus Christ. This leads to the eunuch's conversion and baptism. The story highlights God's orchestration in bringing people together for His purposes, the importance of Scripture in witnessing, and the openness of the Ethiopian to learning and embracing new truths.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does Philip’s willingness to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance to approach the Ethiopian eunuch demonstrate our role in God’s plan for spreading the Gospel?
  2. In what ways does the Ethiopian eunuch’s openness and eagerness to understand Scripture challenge us in our approach to studying the Bible?
  3. How can this story inspire us to be attentive to ‘divine appointments’ in our daily lives and to share our faith with others?


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