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Top 5 Posts With Record Number Of Views

52,000 isn't that bad!

In January (before we started running ads) we had 3,800 views on the entire freegrace.in website. Since February 1st we had 52,000 views. This is mostly due to our shift to offering loads of free books, music, and materials, and our new advertising campaign, which aims to connect interested viewers with that free—free grace content. We have people popping in from all over the world to read, watch, listen, stream, and download. We thought it would be fun to show you the posts and pages on freegrace.in that are being viewed the most from visitors around the world.

After the countdown I'm going to tell you how much it cost, so stay tuned!

5: Blessed Assurance

By Sarah Staggers. 1500+ views this month.

In this ponient post, Sarah tells the story of her late husband's suicide. Not only is this page getting viewed in record numbers, but Sarah has launched a massively successful tiktok channel that's receiving tens of thousands of views on similar video content. Way to go Sarah!

4: How To Stop Doubting Your Salvation

By Lucas Kitchen. 2000+ views this month.

This post was written a few years ago, and lived for a while on another blog where it received over 30,000 views. It helps believers who have doubts about their salvation find the assurance they need. We're excited to see how this post will be used by God.

3: Free Christian Music Library

By the FGI team. 2700 visitors.

We've put together a library of free grace music that can be downloaded or streamed. This collaborative collection of tunes was launched late in the month, and we expect it to continue to grow. Keep rock'n freegrace.in.

2: Free Book Library

By the FGI team. 14,505 visitors.

We recently shifted our mission and ministry approach, and now we offer all of our materials completely free. This includes our most popular books like Eternal Rewards, Salvation and Discipleship, Naked Grace, and many others. We’ve been overwhelmed with the outpouring of interest in our free book library. It’s exciting to think of the hundreds of people out there, possibly at this moment, reading our books. 

1: Free Grace International Homepage

By Matthew Simmons. 41,000+ visitors.

By far the most popular page is our homepage. It's the hub that allows viewers to find what they are looking for. It's as busy as a bee hive in spring.

It's hard to grasp these kinds of numbers, but we are convinced that each of these views represents the potential that another person has had their life changed, their heart softened, or their mind won over by our method of sharing God's word.

How Much Did It Cost?

If you're still reading, I suspect it's because you'd like to know how much we spent to bring in these kinds of numbers. We spent $1547.30 since we started running ads. We're spending an average of $50 per day. That fifteen hundred dollars, coupled with hundreds of hours of work in preparing and organizing the site, has resulted in over 50,000 visits from people whom God wants to reach with His message of free grace.

As we learn more about running effective ads (this is new to us) we hope to get even more bang for each buck. We believe we will be able to increase our advertising effectiveness as we improve our understanding of what attracts visitors. Our numbers are trending toward 100k and we couldn't be more excited. We hope to increase our ad budget as funds become available.

So, where does the money to run ads come from?

These visitors have been reached because of the generous donations of visitors like you. If you are interested in joining with us to reach more people with God's message of free grace, we would welcome the support. Any little bit helps.

$1 spent results in an average of 40 website views.

Each one of those views represents a potentially important moment in someone's life. Just think what your donated dollar could do!


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