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I’m sorry. Let me explain.

So a few days ago I made a post from the FGI site to thank my co-worker for a good year, but in the post I used the term “human roadblocks” to describe a person who has been critical of our work, and has tried to stop us from doing our work in our respective circles. It was kind of a side-note as far as the post goes, but it was in there.

My good friend from another country sent me a message to ask if she and her husband were the “human roadblocks” I was talking about. I assured them they were not, but then I thought there are probably others who wondered the same thing. 

So, she helped me realize that I did something that was hurtful and potentially damaging. 

When I used the term “human roadblocks” I had a particular person in mind. It was wrong for me to call him a name, and I’m embarrassed that I did. I’ve sent him a direct message, apologizing to him for using that term. So if you didn’t get a direct message, asking for your forgiveness, then you’ll know I wasn’t talking about you. 

To add to that, I’d like to say, that was wrong of me. I’m sorry, guys. That was not good of me. I was upset, and I’m embarrassed that I chose that method to “get my jab in.” I fouled. I don’t want to be like that. I want to have more integrity than that. I should have found a better way to channel my frustration.

I love you guys, and I want to build toward peace, not contribute to erosion. 

So, please forgive me. I’m aiming at doing better in the future. 


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