Ten Days to Register for the Campout!

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I just came back from a meeting with the FGI Team about our upcoming Family Bible Campout in Hot Springs, Arkansas on March 8-12, 2024. It’s going to be fun!

I have no gift for organizing group events other than to conceive of one and get the ball rolling. But that’s where FGI's talented team comes in.

Kristah and Sarah had great ideas to make this a fun event on a budget. They’re putting together a welcome pack with activities for the kids, and they came up with these great ideas of having things like a popcorn bar, a Be S’more Social, and a family talent show.  

Meanwhile, John is the man for getting the practical things organized. He’s doing things like building a giant Jenga set for the kids, ensuring we have tarps in case it rains, and working on an outdoor shower that will be hooked up with hot water for people staying in tents.

We’ve also been talking with the fantastic Davis family (Projects4Missions), who are putting together a great daily kids’ activity and teaching time. That’ll give the kids some structured learning together away from the adults. They are full of great ideas, too.

Of course, since we’ll be in a National Park, we plan on lots of free time. I want to get plenty of hiking in. And I’ve found those are great for talking theology and getting to know people.

And then Lucas and I are preparing some messages from Nehemiah. We want to build the Free Grace movement, and Nehemiah has plenty of lessons for that!

I love the collaborative energy of this conference. Everyone’s input is essential. I’m so proud of our team, and I’m excited to partner with the campers who are coming to make this an edifying event.

There are already lots of people coming. But there are still a handful of camping sites left. We’re closing registration on February 29th, so you have until then to register!

Send your questions or comments to Shawn.


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