The Magic Of Quarantine

I'm going to skip the boring parts. Here's what you need to know: My five-year-old daughter, Eily, got Covid. She and I quarantined together and had no symptoms. Thus began the magic.

We've hunted for treasure through mysterious trails carved in the autumn leaves. We went on forest adventures in the enchanted wood that touches the back border of our property. We've done late-night dance parties to the cascading sounds of Toby Mac. We've talked about fairies, unicorns, and chasing boys on the playground as we lay listening to the nocturnal crickets outside our yard-bound camper.

When else would a daddy get to spend 312 hours alone with his five-year-old daughter? What sounded like a drudge fest has worked out to be an amazing experience, dare I say magical. It's been a fantastic excuse to give my daughter undivided attention all day long for two weeks.

It makes me think of what Joseph said to his brothers, after having no small measure of family strife.

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Genesis 50:20

We could not have imagined what good could come from doing a 300+ hour daddy-daughter lock-in. I thought it would do me harm (maybe kill me). God has used it to save–maybe not our lives–but at least some of the warmth and charm that often dims as daughters and daddies grow older.

I thank the Lord, and my daughter for this magical 14-day quarantine together. For those who are facing the darkness, we're praying that you see some light in your alone time as well. God hasn't forgotten you.


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