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The Miracle Of Birth

With the birth of our fourth and final child behind us, we breathe a joint sigh of… exhaustion. Relief is mixed in with the exhale as well. It has been an amazing eight years of watching my wife bring our children to term and then shoving them, screaming into the world, hopeful that they, too, will come to know and love our creator as we have. 

As we’ve gone through these years of mostly triumph and some crushing and painful trials, we have been reminded of a simple truth. It’s awe-inspiring that any of this works. Let me explain. 

It's A Miracle.

My wife’s doctor was talking about a patient he had. The woman was distraught after receiving some disheartening news concerning her soon-to-be-born child. In the moment, the doctor consoled her, but to my wife and I, later, he said,

“Patients ask me, ‘How could this happen to us?’ But the truth is, it’s a miracle that it ever works at all. There are so many intricate steps that have to line up and be perfectly timed. It’s incredible that any babies are ever born, considering all the precise things that must take place in perfect balance and at an exact time.”

We know from years of appointments with her doctor that he believes in the Lord. He went on to echo what we would later hear one of our postpartum nurses say. 

“Yeah, that’s right,” she agreed when we told her about the conversation with the doctor.

“The majority of the nurses up here are constantly amazed. I’ve been doing this for eleven years, and with each and every birth, I still have this feeling of awe at how it happens. How could anyone who knows how conception, gestation, and birth work think there is no creator? Give me a break!” 

I’m thankful for the birth-pros we worked with. God used them to help keep our perspective pointed upward, reminding us that our world is so fine-tuned that it could not have happened by random chance. 

We’re also excited to introduce our new son, Lux into this amazingly fine-tuned world. 


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  1. Good looking kid! Praise God for this blessing. I pray he grows up to be a spiritual warrior like his parents.

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