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The Suffering Is Worth It.

Jesus proved through miracles that he has the power to force us to obey him. However, the biggest miracle is that he shows restraint and allows us to deny or even oppose him. He gives us this freedom in order to allow believers to build a relationship with him. Good relationships are not built on compulsion.

So much suffering has come as a result of Jesus' decision to allow evil to persist. This means that ALL the suffering in the world is being traded for this one thing: Relationship with God through Christ. 

If all the suffering in the world is what's being traded in order for us to have a relationship with Christ, then you can bet that Once the Kingdom of Heaven Comes- that relationship is going to be extremely good. It's going to be worth all of the suffering there ever was. Otherwise he would not make the trade.

Eternal life comes by believing in Jesus. Relationship comes when those believers work at obeying Christ. Jesus said, "you are my friends if you do what I command."

Jesus wants you to believe in him for eternal life. Once you've become a believer and received that eternal life, he wants you to become his friend by obedience. Although, he won't force you because then it wouldn't be friendship.

Think about it. It's worth it.


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