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Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins, Ted Dekker, And Me

Tim LaHaye and Ted Dekker are both very accomplished and sucesfull Christian author. So why am I invoking their names next to mine in this blog post? Well, because my new book MISSIONARY TO MARS appeared next to both of them on a few of Amazon's bestseller's lists today. My book is currently holding the #40 spot on the Christian Futuristic Fiction Bestseller list on Amazon, and the #30 spot on the Christian Fantasy Amazon Bestseller list. What's that got to do with Tim LaHaye and Ted Dekker? They're both beating out my spot by one position. Take a look.

Obviously, their books have been on the market for years, and have sold millions, and are international bestsellers, and my book was just released, and has a long way to go. It doesn't even have any reviews yet. But I thought it was neat to MISSIONARY TO MARS next to theirs on Amazon. If you'd like to get a copy click here to purchase for $0.99. If you're new, and would consider giving it a try, but aren't sure about spending the $0.99 on a gamble read, I'll cover the cost. Zap us a message, and I'll get you a free kindle version you can redeem through Amazon. To do that just click here.

Book Description

Eustis Grimes, an idealistic cyber-nerd, has to go on the run when his best friends are murdered by the evil Admiral Strafe. Eustis is thrust into a Solar System where just the mention of outlawed ideas can get you killed in a dozen creative ways. Since he has no ship, no money, and no connections, he is forced to sneak aboard a rattle-beaten freighter of smugglers as they set out into the wild black yonder. He embarks armed with stubbornness and an unstoppable drive to share an important message with the Solar System before Admiral Strafe finds him.

This unabashedly Christian sci-fi novel mixes humorous characters with poignant themes to create a message of hope, faith, and love that blends seamlessly into a grand space adventure. MISSIONARY TO MARS is a family-friendly novel even die-hard science fiction fans will love.


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