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Born Again And Grow | Salvation And Discipleship Kids

Let's picture a tiny little kitten, just born. It's so small, isn't it? But, did you know that this little kitten will grow up to be a big cat? Just like that kitten, we too start small in our journey with Jesus and grow up to be strong in our faith!

Kids Activity

Let's make a growth chart! You can use a piece of paper, and draw a line from the bottom (when the kitten is small) to the top (when it grows into a big cat). At one end draw the kitten, then at the other end draw the biggest cat you have space for. Then decorate it with markers, crayons, or stickers!

Salvation: Born Again

Jesus said, “…unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John 3:3)

When we believe in Jesus, it's like we're that tiny kitten, being born into a new, wonderful family—God's family! This is what we call being born again. It's a special moment when we first believe in Jesus, and it means we're part of God's big family forever. We believe in him so that he can give us his free gift of eternal life, so that we can live with him forever. 

Discipleship: Grow

The Bible tells us to "...grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…" (2 Peter 3:18)

Once we're part of God's family, it's time to grow! Just like the kitten learns to walk, jump, and run, we learn more about Jesus, how to love others, and how to follow His teachings. It's a big, exciting journey, and we grow a little bit every day, becoming stronger in our faith.

Even if we sometimes make mistakes or find things difficult, that's okay! We're still part of God's family. But to enjoy all the blessings Jesus has for us, we need to keep trying, keep learning, and keep growing in our faith.

Kids Questions

  • How is believing in Jesus like a kitten being born?
  • Can you think of times when you learned something new about Jesus and felt like you were growing in your faith?
  • What can you do each day to keep learning more about Jesus, just like the kitten keeps learning and growing?


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