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The Problem with Spiritual Birthdays

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Do you remember your spiritual birthday?

Some people do.

They’re blessed to know the exact day they first believed in Jesus for eternal life, and their salvation was settled forever.

But other people have no memory of when that happened, which concerns them. They’ve heard some preachers say that if you don’t remember the moment you crossed from doubt to faith and passed from death to life, then it probably never happened, and you aren’t really saved.

Ever heard that before?

Did you start doubting your salvation?

Many people do.

If that’s been your struggle, then here’s the good news: your memory doesn’t save you—Jesus does.

Here’s what matters—

Do you believe in Jesus right now? Do you believe He’s your Savior and gives you everlasting life just as He promised every believer? (John 3:15-18). If so, you have that life right now. It’s your present possession. When it comes to eternal life, believing is having. And if you have eternal life right now, then you have it forever.

So don’t worry if you can’t remember when you were born again. If you believe in Jesus now, you are born again even if you can’t remember the day it first happened.

As a wise country doctor-turned-preacher once said, “A man can be alive even when he doesn’t know when his birthday was.”


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