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Yes, I Believe in Eternal Security

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I was talking to a brother who heard a rumor that I do not believe in eternal security, so he called me to ask if that was true.

I was dumbfounded! Me? Not believe in eternal security?

I’m not sure if a week has gone by in the last eleven years (or longer) where I haven’t shared or defended the eternal security of the believer with someone. I couldn’t say how many blogs and podcasts I’ve put out on that subject—but it's easily in the hundreds, not counting personal conversations, also in the hundreds, if not thousands. Frankly, I sometimes feel like a crazy person for talking about it so much.

And yet, unlike a musician who is asked to play the same song over and over again, I haven’t gotten tired of it because I keep meeting people who either do not believe in Jesus at all or who aren’t sure if they’re going to heaven when they die, or who explicitly think eternal security is a lie of the devil. And to those people, I am delighted to share that Jesus promises that whoever believes in Him will never perish (John 3:16), be condemned (John 3:18; Rom 8:1), be judged for their eternal destiny (John 3:36; 5:24; Gal 2:16; Rom 5:9), be cast away (John 6:37; Rom 8:38-39; 1 Cor 3:15), or snatched away (John 10:28-29), or die (John 11:25-26). Once saved, always saved is a catchy way to summarize simple Bible truth.

However, to be fair, people change their minds all the time, and I’ve certainly changed my mind on many issues over 27 years of being a Christian. It’s possible that I could have changed my mind about eternal security. But have I?

No! Non! Nein!

If it needs to be said again: I believe in eternal security.

That’s not only explicitly promised by Christ to the believer; I think it is also implied by the fact that salvation is by faith apart from works.

The great news is that you did nothing to earn your salvation, so there’s nothing you can do to lose it.

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