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Don’t Skip a Step in Your Walk With Christ

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The one who says he remains in him should walk just as he walked (1 John 2:6).

Quick question: How did Abraham get from Ur to Canaan?

Step by step.

How did the Israelites go from Egypt to the Promised Land?

Step by step.

And how do you live the Christian life? The same way. As L. A. T. Van Dooren wrote:

You begin the Christian life by a step of faith and dependence upon Christ. You continue step by step by faith and dependence upon the Lord. The Christian life is intended to be one of constant progress, and no matter how long you may have been a Christian: no matter how mature you may be as a child of God: no matter how great your knowledge may be of God’s word, or how great your knowledge is of the Lord, you are still called to go on step by step. This is an attitude none can outgrow. As you have begun, so you continue—one step at a time in faith and dependence upon the Lord by the Holy Spirit (Van Dooren, The Life I Now Live, p. 25).

Whether you’ve been born again for a day or for a decade, there’s only one way to live with Christ—one step at a time.

A single step might not look very impressive or what you think of as spiritual growth. You might want to grow by leaps and bounds, only to forget Christ along the way. But if the single step you took depended upon Christ, then it was a step forward.

Thought for the day: The Christian who only reckons with the Lord once a mile will never be as far along as the one who reckons with Him every step of the way.


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