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In Pursuit Of Fruit Intro
  • In Pursuit Of Fruit Intro

    In Pursuit Of Fruit Intro

    Jan 5, 2022 • 16:45

    WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE You find yourself in a jungle of sorts. Your feet squish into the floor of this overgrown stretch of wilderness. The sun is shining dappled softly downward. Its amber warmth caresses the side of your face. Green surrounds, but you wonder how many of these plants…

  • Introduction


    Jan 10, 2020 • 6:41

    My father-in-law grew up on a farm in Nebraska. As most who know him can attest, he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, or his whole body for that matter. When I first married his daughter, I had to get used to his do-it-yourself style. Often he's made outrageous…

  • Emotions


    Jul 1, 2021 • 9:56

    If your parents didn't take you to an amusement park as a kid, they either didn't love you or…. No, that's pretty much it, they didn't love you. The park of choice for those near Dallas is the famed Six Flags over Texas. It's a theme park with towering roller…

  • Garden Goal

    Garden Goal

    Jan 5, 2022 • 13:37

    You're standing, once again, in that overgrown wood that you can't really call a garden. There is hardly anything redeeming about it. It's packed with rocks and thorns. Vines block out the sun from reaching the ground. The place is a wreck. You've visited the unkempt property for weeks now…

  • Doubts


    Jan 10, 2020 • 6:41

    Once there was a woman who spent years attending Sunday services. In fact, she worked on the secretarial staff at a Bible teaching church. She heard sermons about Christ on a regular basis. She had often edited text for church publications which focused on faith alone in Christ alone. After…

  • Bunk Bed Tears

    Bunk Bed Tears

    Jul 1, 2021 • 8:42

     A father's nightly rituals are a thing of boundless fascination to his son. His endless hours at work might as well have been spent in a mysterious patch of the Brazilian Amazon as in an office building two miles from the house. My brothers and I would anticipate the nightly…

  • A Selfish Gardener

    A Selfish Gardener

    Jan 5, 2022 • 13:52

    You've spent a few weeks dreaming about fruit, now. Each morning you stand in the place where your fruit tree sapling is planted. You can't wait to see that little sprig spring into a vibrant giant with heavily laden branches of edible delights.  As you sit among the vines and…

  • Appointed


    Jan 10, 2020 • 6:41

    Under the hot afternoon sun, we stood, a pack of about twenty third-grade boys. The game was to be soccer, and it was team-picking time. I was late in the draft, very late. They had already picked the tall, the fast, and the tough. But who wanted me, a scrawny…

  • The Drawing Table

    The Drawing Table

    Jul 1, 2021 • 3:48

    Not many days after the bunk bed incident, I was standing by my Dad's drawing table. The walls of his studio were always crowded with drying paintings. That's where he would work when he had freelance illustration jobs.  At that time, he was building upon a budding career as a…

  • Celebrity Pastors Don't Know Everything.

    Celebrity Pastors Don't Know Everything.

    Jan 17, 2022 • 6:14

    A few years ago I attended a massive four-day conference at one of the largest churches in the nation. Its focus was to encourage and train church staff. Pastors and ministers from thousands of churches throughout the country come to this conference and soak up all there is to learn.…

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